The coaching experience takes you on an inward-looking journey in order to make change a reality.


Like life, it's a process. When we work together, I'll lead you through my five-step energy-based coaching plan:

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Prenatal Planning

Pregnancy can be a life-altering experience. As you dance along the edge of your changes, it can also be exciting, terrifying and confusing at once.

Coaching in pregnancy can help you look more deeply inward and prepare for this next chapter by:

  • Working through any unfinished business prior to becoming a mother: healing relationships, understanding career choices and setting realistic expectations.

  • Creating a postpartum plan to take care of yourself and gain the tools to communicate your needs and have them met.

  • Stocking your toolkit with the resources to help you nurture yourself and your family as you enter this next phase of your life



New Mother Nurturing

When a child is born, a mother is too. As your body heals and your hormones shift, you’re focused on keeping someone other than yourself alive. You need gentle support as you move through these life-altering changes.

Through the fourth trimester and beyond, I’ll work with you to:

  • Hold the space as you explore your expectations, emotions and experiences during this vulnerable time.

  • Explore ways to gently heal and nourish yourself in your new normal and advocate for your needs.

  • Get out of survival mode and listen to your family rhythms so that you can begin to build a lifestyle.

  •  Start practicing intuitive parenting and trusting that you know what’s right for yourself and your baby.  

Mindful Mothering

Motherhood is naturally full of ups and downs, but sometimes you just feel completelydisenchanted, exhausted or disconnected from yourself.  

Whether you need help managing stress, finding a sense of purpose or being present amidst the chaos of motherhood, I’ll help you:

  • Explore yourself in the “now” and identify what’sdraining you, what you’re balancing and what guilt or fear  you may be feeling.

  • Identify your personal goals and build actionable, achievable plans.

  • Prioritize yourself and be selfish (in the good way!) with your time.

  • Become more aware, more awake and more present in your life, your relationships and for your children.