Before becoming a mother, I had everything figured out: a great job, a nice rhythm to my marriage, and a hilariously thorough self-care plan. And while I wasn’t naive to the fact that this would change when my son was born, my expectations were pretty unrealistic.


Being a mom is wonderful, but honestly? It can be kind of a shitshow. And as regularly as your child grows and changes,  you do too.

There's endless information out there for how to take care of a child - but what about for taking care of those who are raising children themselves?

I'm passionate about working with other mothers and mothers-to-be who are looking to live confident, whole lives - aware and fulfilled during the wild ride of raising children. Whether you’re preparing for your first child or living with teenagers, I want to help you stay connected to yourself as an individual with needs, desires and personal goals. 

A bit more about me: 

I live in the Boston-area with my husband and the little guy that made me a mama. I received my coaching education from the Institute of the Professional Education of Coaching (iPEC) and have a degree in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania. I am a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index and have over ten years of experience helping organizations make changes. In my “free time,” I love making messes in my kitchen, taking solo trips to the grocery store, texting my friends about our kids, running and snuggling with my boys.